The Transfer of Knowledge...

"When my grandfather passed away I felt like I lost an encyclopedia of knowledge and wisdom." 

"My Grandmother used to pull me aside and explain things to me I didn't want to hear from my parents."

"I wish I had some real advise about this upcoming interview."

"When I moved from the east coast to the west coast I didn't know anyone." 

"How come no one told me relationships are hard work?"

"Anyone know a reliable electrician?"

We Are Missing More Than Just Human-to-Human Interaction. 

Have you ever watched a news story about an event, activity or relationship gone wrong and thought to yourself "didn't anyone ever tell that person..."

The follow-up question has to be: who should have or would have told that person? 

The demise of the extended family is a double edged sword.  On one side we have freedom of movement for jobs, adventures and change of scenery.  On the other side we are missing out on all the little things we learn from our extended family.  The things grandma or grandpa would have told us when we were not ready to hear it from our own mom or dad.  The things cousins and aunts and uncles said outloud when our own brothers and sisters kept silent.

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