Below are the positions held by our members and supporters.  As you read you will see that not everyone agrees with each item all the time.  This is normal.  This is expected.  This is the greatest asset of a democracy.  To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, "if you are 80% with us, you are with us!" 
The only way we will strengthen our nation is to celebrate what we agree on while treating our disagreements with grace and civility.
Fiscal Responsibility:  The vast majority of our members and supporters hold this as a top priority.  Fiscal responsibility directly relates to limiting the size and scope of government, limiting the size and scope of taxes and limiting national debt.  The past decade has seen an unfortunate willingness on both sides of the isle to go along  with tax and spend policies without proper analysis or long-term planning.
Our supporters and candidates understand it takes a certain level of taxation to provide roads without potholes, bridges that are safe to drive across, schools and firehouses built to last, a strong, military, and other important elements of society that help maintain and improve quality of life.  However, most also believe government is encroaching too far, spending too much and accounting too little.
Military:  The vast majority of our supporters hold the men and women in our armed services in high regard.  Their service, sacrifice and integrity deserves our full support.  Many of our members and supporters prefer military might be used thoughtfully and sparingly abroad.  That said, the war on terror requires constant vigilance, intelligence gathering and action.  Our desire is to see the United States remain strong and safe.
Foreign Policy:  Virtually all our supporters want international trade to remain vibrant and balanced.  Firm diplomacy and a strong international presence are considered essential ingredients for this effort.  Most believe we should push back when we are pushed but we should reserve preemptive action for only the most extreme circumstances in which our national security is clearly threatened.
LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer):  The constitution states that all men and women are created equal.  It is the position of the vast majority of our supporters that no law should be enacted in our country that restricts or removes an individual's right to live openly without discrimination and enjoy equal rights, personal autonomy, and freedom of association.  Most of our supporters adopt a "to each their own" attitude.  Some are more comfortable than others when it comes to our differences but virtually all agree it is bad policy (and flat out unkind) to single out or alienate the rights of citizens based on race, gender, age or sexual preference.
Gun Rights:  The second amendment is clear.  It is legal to own a gun.  That said, we recognize that not everyone has the same comfort level around guns.  Some of our supporters hunt and shoot regularly while others very rarely.  Some love guns, some want nothing to do with guns.   Virtually all believe strongly in gun training and are horrified by gun violence.  Most also believe mental health plays a large role in gun violence and would like to see more focus on that topic.
Health care:  Complicated and important.  The vast majority of our members and supporters are in favor of a healthy society regardless of age, race, gender or income.  Yet most are against socializing health care the way some other industrialized nations have.  The primary reason is cost.  Most of our supporters believe a cornerstone of any health care policy must be the reigning in of health care costs.  Most of our supporters do embrace policies related to preventative medicine and healthy lifestyle education.
Abortion:  Many of our supporters believe the current litmus test of "choice vs. life" is doing a great disservice to this issue.  Virtually all of our supporters value life and value a woman's right to choose.  Many of our supporters are against late term abortions yet completely taking away a woman's right to choose does not work for them.  Most would like to see the issue focus on why so many abortions happen rather than just the what. 
Environmental Issues:  There is no debate that clean air and clean water are essential to the human race.  The vast majority of our supporters agree individuals and corporations alike must maintain responsibility for these essential human needs.  Most agree that government oversight is necessary.  Many prefer organic and natural foods over genetically modified foods.  Most believe the preservation of green space is beneficial to society.
Climate Change:  Most of our supporters and members are not scientists.  They consult the research and conclusions published by true scientists and then draw their own conclusions.  Some members fully embrace climate change alarms while others choose to reserve judgment.  However almost all believe the issue is important enough to warrant some action and additional research.  Most reason that even if scientists are only 50% right, we would be foolish to ignore 100% of what they report.
Energy Policy:  The vast majority of our supporters believe the U.S. should have a broad and diverse energy portfolio.  Putting all our energy "eggs" into the coal and oil "basket" is unwise policy.  We support the current shift from a totally petroleum based auto industry to a multi-fuel industry.  No one single substitute to petroleum has become a front runner.  Therefore we need innovation and development of all options from bio-fuels to electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells to magnetic tracks.
The same holds true for our electrical grid.  Decentralized power generation is clearly a part of our future.  While coal, nuclear and natural gas facilities will still exist for decades to come, the diversification of solar panels on millions of roof tops, wind turbines across our farm land, geothermal installations and new smart grid technologies is making energy independence a real possibility for our nation.