Congressman Jim Cooper, (D) Tennessee
Jim Cooper literally wrote the book on fiscal responsibility.  Published in 2006, his forward in "The Financial Report of the United States" highlighted the inability of congress to accurately audit government agencies and showed a clear breakdown in the way budgets and oversight are managed.  To this day the congressman keeps a running tally of the national debt in his office. 
Senator Lisa Murkowski, (R) Alaska: A moderate republican who has survived and thrived standing up for women's rights, strong foreign policy and bipartisan legislation on a number of issues.
Senator Angus King, (I) Maine:  Before he was a successful independent senator, Angus King was a successful independent Governor.  Best known for his ability to challenge the status quo and push both sides of the isle to refine their positions before he signs on to legislation.   

Governor Larry Hogan, (R) Maryland: Successfully reelected in a traditionally blue state, governor Hogan has found a way to bridge the divide and bring people together for the greater good.
Governor Steve Bullock, (D) Montana: A strong supporter of diversifying our energy policy and usage, Governor Bullock is gaining bipartisan support for his initiatives in Montana.
Senator Susan Collins, (R) Maine:  Clearly one of the most thoughtful republicans in the senate, she is known by many as a person who balances the best of both sides.  Unafraid to stand up and stand out for better polices even if it means going against party leadership. 
Governor John Kasich, (R) Ohio: The only republican presidential candidate to back strong environmental initiatives, Governor Kasich has shown an ability to balance issues on both sides of the isle and govern with bipartisan support on most of his initiatives.
Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger, (D) Virginia: The pressure is high for democrats to fight against republicans. Even more pressure is placed on women as they are judged by their level of contempt for the current president. When we see congresswoman Spanberger trying to reach across the isle for compromise legislation, we have to support her efforts.

Republican and Democrat policy positions can vary from district to district and state to state.  We have witnessed many examples of this in recent elections.  For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Republican Governor of California clearly held more liberal policies than Congressman Collin Peterson, a Democrat from Minnesota.

That's why Center PAC focuses on each policy and each candidate individually.

Center PAC is constantly refining its candidate list and researching policy positions.  Below is a current list of who we support.  Whether they label themselves center-right, center-left or independent we look at each in terms of policy goals, character and voting record

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