America Needs a Strong Center!

Historically the best, most long lasting policies are born out of civil discussion and bipartisan cooperation. The current trend toward extreme side-choosing may make for temporary sound bite news but it is harmful to our democracy in the long-run.  We are a resilient nation and need to keep proving so.

Why a PAC?

PACs might not be your favorite political tool but now that they exist, it is important to fight fire with fire.  Most PACs are either extremely partisan or driven by a specific corporate agenda.

Center PAC is for the rest of us. 

Center PAC supports candidates dedicated to the civil debates our democracy was founded on.  We don't all agree all the time.  It is up to the center, moderate leaders to broker the best legislation for our nation.   They need our support as they are challenged by more extreme, fringe candidates in primary and general elections. 

Center PAC pools resources from thousands of citizens who want to participate in the process but either don't know how or don't have the financial resources to make a solo impact.  Center PAC funded media and marketing efforts specifically designed to complement a candidate's message.

Do you know someone who believes we need a strong political center?

Share Center PAC with them.   Center PAC was created for the millions of us in the middle of the political spectrum who still want our voices to be heard.  Most PACs are either solely funded by large corporations or set up by wealthy individuals to support the extreme right or left.  Center PAC is here to balance the scale. 

Share Center PAC with friends and family who want to support the civil, moderate voices in America.